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The audio streaming room

ROOM acoustics are the last thing many audiophiles take into consideration, preferring instead to upgrade their kit along various paths. However, some dedication and patience in fine-tuning a listening room’s acoustic environment can bring about significant improvements in audio streaming.

Break up parallel expanses of bare wall with furniture, and use carpets to absorb excessive lows. The idea is to arrive at a judicious mixture of diffusive and absorbent surfaces that allow the higher frequencies to breath while keeping bass tight … without loss of information or resolution.

You can also opt for a variety of professional room treatment products, meant for application in recording studios, halls and homes. Some DIY work will also get your room to audio streaming pretty decent – packing foam stuck on the rear/side walls can break up parallel surfaces and diffuse/absorb certain frequencies.

Regular experimentation will tell you what works and what doesn’t … without much outlay of precious cash. And keep us posted on the results.


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