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Audio Streaming Music on your feet


The kit is made of two devices — a transmitter and a receiver.

The transmitter is a small, coin-sized device that fits into the insole of any Nike+ compatible shoe while the receiver plugs into the dock connector of any iPod nano.

The transmitter is actually an accelerometer, which measures the movement of your feet and from that computes the speed and distance you have travelled.

Apple claims that the device has an accuracy of at least 90% and it could be improved further if you take the time to calibrate it. To get started, you'll have to download the Nike+ software which is available on the iTunes website. Once you install the software and attach the receiver to the iPod, you just need to walk around a bit to activate the transmitter and get it communicating with the iPod.

After that, the Nike+iPod kit will track important statistics during each run, including the total distance covered, the amount of time taken, the extent of the change of pace and even the total amount of calories burnt.

The Nike+iPod makes exercising fun even when you have not been doing any for a very long time. The iPod will give you spoken-word reports on your progress as you run. And of course, you’ll be doing all this while listening to your favourite tunes to keep you on your feet.

Fitness measuring device

Sensor dimensions (w x d x h): 34.79 x 24.13 x 7.62mm

Receiver dimensions (w x d x h): 26.12 x 15.74 x 5.58mm

Sensor weight: 6.52g

Receiver weight: 3.4g

Price: RM139


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