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Cyrus audio streaming

British company Cyrus, which is known for its unique-looking, impressive-sounding hi-fi amplifiers audio streaming, now has introduced an audio-visual (AV) processor that can convert an existing Cyrus two-channel hi-fi system into a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channel home cinema system. This way, the company contends, the user can enjoy the occasional jaunt into home cinema without compromising on two-channel hi-fi standards.

Called AV Master 8.0, it is designed to aesthetically complement existing Cyrus components. In fact, it is an AV processor and a three-channel amplifier audio streaming built into a single enclosure.

The three-channel amplifier of the AV Master 8.0 can be used to drive the main left and right speakers as well as the centre channel speaker, leaving the existing two-channel amplifier audio streaming to drive the surround speakers.

Alternatively, the existing audio streaming amplifier can be retained in its original role of driving the main left and right speakers while the AV Master 8.0 drives the centre and surround speakers.

Apart from the variants of Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks, the AV Master 8.0 is said to be optimised for two-channel, pure audio streaming performance where the centre channel amplifier can be switched off during two-channel operations. There is also a subwoofer pre-out for use with an external active subwoofer.


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