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P.S. Audio Streaming

Most audiophiles would have heard of Paul McGowan, co-founder and chief executive of P.S. Audio, a high-end audio streaming-oriented company that makes products ranging from power amplifiers and power protection products to audiophile-grade AC outlets, power cables and interconnects.

McGowan, although famous for the top-notch range of pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers he designed in the mid-1980s, insists that he is still in the “learning curve”. By this he explains that over the years he learnt that no matter how good an amplifier he is able to design, such high-level performance would be reduced to naught if the power supply is not up to mark.

All these products have one thing in common: they are made according to high, stringent standards and contribute significantly to the musical improvement of any audio-visual (AV) system.

McGowan stresses that the power supply that comes in through the ordinary mains outlet, more often than not, is contaminated by noise, which robs an audio streaming system of its full potential.

To eliminate all that distortion noise and the electromagnetic field that emanates from the mains outlet, P.S. Audio has manufactured a wide range of power regenerators, high-performance power cables and outlets that includes the Power Plant Premier in its many variants: the P300 Power Plant, Quintessence Power Center, and the portable Quintet and Duet Power Centers. Its power cable range includes the sought-after XStream Radian Series.

P.S. Audio also makes a series of mains AC outlets such as the Power Port to clean up the mains supply. The GCA-MC, like other high-performance P.S. Audio amplifiers, features the company’s proprietary Audio Cain Cell technology to make sure that every channel sounds streaming identical regardless of power output. This, McGowan explains, is important in a multi-channel AV system for seamless audio reproduction.

The GCA-MC is capable of providing a good reservoir of refined power in a high-end home theatre, especially so with Blu-ray and HD DVD software in which advanced Dolby TruHD and DTS-HD Master Audio Streaming high-resolution soundtracks demand the best a power amplifier can provide.


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